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 Rules, Plz Read before you start.

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Riza Hawkeye

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PostSubject: Rules, Plz Read before you start.   5/24/2009, 4:22 pm

These are some rules you will need to know so you can start rping with your friends that you will make, but you also need to know what to look for and what to stay away from.

1. No God-moding.
2. Be nice to others.
3. No swearing.
4. No double posting.
5. Don't ask the Admin's to become an admin.
6. If your an admin, and you want to delete/ban someone, tell the Head Admin first.
7. Don't threaten the admin's or you will be baned.
8. Don't kill other people's characters, without asking first.
9. No spamming.
10. Two Cannon Characters a person.
11. Don't put pictures in the chat box.
12. Don't make run on sentences.
13. Spell correctly.
14. Make sure your sentences are one or more lines long when you rp.
15. Have to make your first Cannon Characters profile, the rest you don't have to make a profile for, and don't copy it from the internet. You have to make it yourself.
16. And last but not least, JUST HAVE FUN!!

Now if you have anymore questions just ask either me or Winry.

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Rules, Plz Read before you start.
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