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Riza Hawkeye

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PostSubject: Sharp-shooter   7/30/2009, 8:00 pm

Riza Hawkeye is the 1st Lt. in Central command. She is a great sharp-shooter, almost never misses a shot. She was off duty so she went for a stroll to the training grounds to get some shooting into her practice. "I never seem to have time to get any practice in. Roy keeps nagging me to practice then he gives me a load of work to do. Sometimes I really want to slap him right across the face but he is the colonel." she looked at the sky and sighed to herself. She got to the training grounds and she set up some foam dummies in different angles and they had a target over the heart. She put the gun in her holder and she took it out and shot once then she put it away. She shot four more times and saw how she did. "Hmmm....four out of five isn't bad at all I would say." she said then she tried again.

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