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 Vasilisa Dragomir

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PostSubject: Vasilisa Dragomir   5/25/2009, 11:56 am

Name: Vasilisa Dragomir
Nickname: Lissa

Age: 17

Speicies: Moroi

Job: None

Personality: Lissa is a very sweet and sensitive girl. She loves her friend and gaurdian, Rose. She is also very sly. She will go with whatever Rose wants to do, like break out of the academy.


History: Lissa lived with her family until her brother died from a Strigoi attack. Then she was sent to the St. Vlademir's Academy. Thats where she met Rose. She became her gaurdian and they ran away from the Academy and didn't come back. Three years later Rose and Lissa were caught by people that worked at the academy and they were taken there again.

Song: Untitled by Simple Plan

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Vasilisa Dragomir
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